Stairmaster Stepmill Gauntlet

The Stairmaster stepmill gauntlet is the original real stair stepper machine which offers the user a real stair climbing experience. The Stairmaster stepmill Gauntlet has used a revolving staircase which can vary in speed enabling the machine to simulate walking or running up a flight of stairs. Each step is a full 8” high which gives a complete stair climbing reality of motion. This machine has become some what of a staple in any health club or gym and is always sought after by members thereof.

Product Features

+ Revolving staircase with 8" (20.3 cm) high steps most closely duplicates the workout of real stairclimbing.

+ Motivating programs include a nationally recognized fitness test to gauge individual progress and a custom firefighter Candidate Physical Abilities Test (C.P.A.T.)

+ Staircase revolves at speeds varying from 24-162 steps per minute.

Remanufactured Price: $2,395.00

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

35"L x 55"W x 78"H

Product Weight

409 lbs

User Weight Limit

300 lbs


1 Year Parts & On-Site Labor